Guild Progress

As of December 2006, we are working towards getting the core members their tier 0 gear, consistantly running instances such as Scholomance and Stratholm. Recently, there has been a boom in new members, most of them at low levels, but could eventually propel us into end-game content, especially with the upcoming reduction in raid limits in The Burning Crusade.

December 30, 2006:

The guild's first UBRS run! Well... almost. The run was successful, with no complete wipes (2 were prevented). However, only 9 of the 10 people running were from the guild. These were: Arch, Con, Tren, Ham, Vall, Red, Who, Rox, and Kath. Thanks go to NetterBetter for completing our group! This run did, of course, include an ode to LEEEROOOOOOOOY JEEEEENNNKINNNNS, but only triggered part of the room and thus not a wipe. This run was a ton of fun and statements to the fact didn't end until everyone involved logged off many hours later!

January 31, 2007:

Congratulations to Kath for being the first guildy to level 70!

June 2007:

After finally completing the attunement quests for enough members, we stormed Karazhan first boss Nightmare/Attune the Huntsman. We took him down on our third try and looted some awesome tanking bracers for Toby and a DPS neck for Gaur. Toby also got some BoE epic tanking boots from trash mobs during an earlier, unofficial run that didn't make it to Attune.

Progression in OL is monitored via a thread in our forums here.