Guild Officers

Strong leadership is important to any guild. Freedoms Choice has some great leaders. Dedicated, friendly, and helpful, they have earned their place. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact any of the people listed below. Some are available more than others, and most of their names you will get to know quickly, but any of them will help you out if they can.

Character Name Character Abbev. Rank
Hamor Ham GM
Whoshotme Who CO-GM
Slakevonii Slake Colonel
Constiance Con Colonel
Trenith Tren Colonel
Shoguen Sho Major
Tammrod Tam Major
Roxfreewind Rox Major
Reddekhan Red Major
Bumfrey Bum Major
Gabrielcaron Gabe Major
Fametta Fam Major
Inkster Ink Major
Naesala Nae Major
Tobyknukle Toby Major
Vesardith Ves Major